Your browser does not support JavaScript! UAE Polo and Battistoni Polo Teams Victorious on Second Day of the Dubai Challenge Cup 2021

UAE Polo and Battistoni Polo Teams Victorious on Second Day of the Dubai Challenge Cup 2021


Match Replay: Battistoni Polo vs. AM Polo

The Dubai Challenge Cup 2021 is well underway with its qualifying matches and has seen UAE Polo and Battistoni Polo teams win against their opponents on the second day of the tournament.

Tratok-Hesketh Polo team had shown strong gameplay early on the match as they had taken the lead through halftime. UAE Polo on their tail managed to shift the lead to their side by the third chukker as the team delivered consecutive goals with Jacinto Crotto closing with a half goal lead. The final chukker was a race for the win which Crotto managed to secure for UAE Polo and ended the game at 9 goals to 7.5.

Match Progression: 2 - 2.5 | 4.5 - 3 | 7 - 6.5 | 9 - 7.5

The second half of the afternoon featured a game between Battistoni Polo and AM Polo teams. The game was neck and neck from start to finish.  Benjamin Panelo scored the first goal of the match but was quickly matched by Alessandro Barnaba, patron of the Battistoni Polo team. Pierre Jauretche chalked up two goals and had taken the lead for Battistoni Polo by halftime  Panelo managed to score a 60-yard penalty shot at the penultimate chukker but Maxi Malacalza delivered an excellent goal with a pass from Tomy Iriarte. Battistoni Polo carved a 2 goal advantage early in the fourth chukker which AM Polo tried to catch up to. Pablo Urquiza narrowed this gap by a goal and given the time on hand and a seeming need for a fifth chukker, a penalty was called in favour of Battistoni with a few seconds left on the clock which did not leave much for AM Polo to work with. Battistoni claimed their first win in the tournament at 5 goals to 4.

Match Progression: 1 - 1 | 3 - 2 | 4 - 3 | 5 - 4

The Dubai Challenge Cup 2021 will continue:

16th March:
15:15 Baylandi Polo vs. Battistoni Polo
16:30 Bin Drai Polo vs. UAE Polo

17th March:
15:15 Dubai Wolves Polo vs. AM Polo
16:30 Tratok-Hesketh Polo vs. IFZA - Mahra Polo

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