Your browser does not support JavaScript! Opening Day Wins for Habtoor Polo Team at the Dubai Cup 2021

Opening Day Wins for Habtoor Polo Team at the Dubai Cup 2021


The fifth tournament of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series has received the participation of five teams in the UAE:

AM Polo

  • Sheika Alia Al Maktoum (0)
  • Felipe Dana (0)
  • Pablo Urquiza (4)
  • Cesar Crespo (4)


  • Dr A Abar (0)
  • Khalid Alomran (-1)
  • Ricardo Garros Jr. (5)
  • Tomas Iriarte (4) 

Dubai IMMO

  • Petra Spanko (-1)
  • Nicolas Isla (2) 
  • JJ Diaz Alberdi (3)
  • Tomas Palacios Bacque (3)

El Basha

  • Hani Jabshe (-1)
  • Raja Abuljebain (0)
  • Justo Cuitino (3)
  • Ed Banner Eve (5)

Habtoor Polo

  • Mohamed Al Habtoor (0)
  • Habtoor Habtoor (1)
  • Santos Iriarte (1)
  • Santiago Gomez Romero (5)

The first day of the Dubai Cup 2021 featured a match between Habtoor Polo and AM Polo teams. The scores were close until halftime with AM Polo at a 1-goal advantage. The third chukker had seen a comeback from Habtoor Polo team by gaining on its opponent and ending the chukker with a 2-goal lead. Both teams racing for the win, AM Polo managed to close in on the gap in scores but Habtoor Polo. This lead determined the outcome of the match in spite of efforts from AM Polo with the additional goals they have delivered. Ultimately the game ended at 8 goals to 5 in favour of Habtoor Polo team.

Match Progression: 2.5 -2 | 2.5 - 3 | 5.5 - 3 | 8.5 - 5

The Dubai Cup 2021 will continue on the 9th of March, Friday, on Field 1 at Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club:

16:00 El Basha Polo vs. Dubai IMMO Polo
17:00 AM Polo vs. Ankora/Dr. A Polo

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