Your browser does not support JavaScript! Strong Finish for Ankora - Dr. A Polo and Habtoor Polo Teams

Strong Finish for Ankora - Dr. A Polo and Habtoor Polo Teams


The last of the qualifying matches for the Dubai Cup 2021 concluded with a win for Ankora - Dr. A and Habtoor Polo teams.


It was a slow first chukker with Tomy Iriarte scoring the first goal for Ankora - Dr. A Polo team. The team pushed the lead further during the second and created a 2.5 goal cushion and extended the winning stride through the end of the game, closing it at 6 goals to 2.5.


Match Progression:  1 - .5 | 4 - 1.5 | 5 - 2.5 | 6 - 2.5


The game between Habtoor Polo and Dubai IMMO Polo teams opened with a goal from Juanji Diaz Alberdi, setting Dubai IMMO ahead in the first chukker. Habtoor Polo responded with 3 goals during the second chukker and carved a 4-goal lead by the third. Dubai IMMO set on its tail managed to close the gap in scores but ultimately Habtoor Polo kept its significant goal lead to victory and ended the match at 7 goals to 4.


Match Progression: 0 - 1 | 3 - 1 | 6 - 2 | 7 - 4

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