Your browser does not support JavaScript! Defending Champion Habtoor Polo Tops the Dubai Cup 2021 Tournament

Defending Champion Habtoor Polo Tops the Dubai Cup 2021 Tournament


Habtoor Polo team claimed the last trophy of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series for the fourth year as it smashed the competition - Ankora/Dr. A Polo team and closed the game at 7 goals to 5.


Round robin games amongst AM Polo, Dubai IMMO and El Basha Polo teams kicked off the Subsidiary Match of the Dubai Cup 2021. 


Match Progression:

El Basha Polo vs. Dubai IMMO: 2.5 - 2 | 3.5 - 2

Dubai IMMO vs. AM Polo: 0.5 - 2 | 3.5 - 3 

AM Polo vs. El Basha: 2 - .5 | 4 - 3.5


Habtoor Polo team's performance throughout the final was consistent and had the early lead with 2 goals. Ankora/Dr. A Polo team on its tail, Ricardo Garros managed to match the goals delivered by its opponent by halftime. The final chukker had seen Aiti Garros threaten the impending win for Habtoor Polo as he levelled the game at 5 goals at mid chukker. Both teams raced for the win and Santiago Gomez Romero nicked the 6th goal for Habtoor Polo and with ample time on the clock, Ankora/Dr. A Polo attempted to tie the game once more. But Habtoor Al Habtoor broke through and delivered an excellent runaway goal that sealed the win for Habtoor Polo team.


Match Progression: 2 - 0 | 4 - 2 | 5 - 3 | 7 - 5


Philippe d'Amat, General Manager of Al Habtoor Polo Resort awarded the teams of the day:

  • Dubai Cup 2021 Winner - Habtoor Polo Team
  • Dubai Cup 2021 Runner Up - Ankora / Dr. A Polo
  • Most Valuable Player - Habtoor Al Habtoor
  • Subsidiary Runner Up - Dubai IMMO
  • Subsidiary Winner - El Basha Polo
  • 5th Place - AM Polo
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