Your browser does not support JavaScript! Habtoor Polo - UAE Polo Rivalry Extends to the Gold Cup 2022 Dubai Open Finale

Habtoor Polo - UAE Polo Rivalry Extends to the Gold Cup 2022 Dubai Open Finale


More Photos | Match Replay: Habtoor Polo vs. Dubai Wolves by CAFU

The semifinal of the tournament was a showdown between the top teams of the season. Headlining the afternoon was the anticipated clash between Habtoor Polo and Dubai Wolves by CAFU. The wolf pack took possession of the game early and capped the first chukker at 3 goals to nil. The Silver Cup 2022 champions showed up and owned the next chukker with a notable goal shot from Juan Jauretch for the Habtoor Polo team. The team kept the momentum and further extended its lead by halftime. The Wolves managed to squeeze in a couple of goals over the last two chukkers but fell short, and Habtoor Polo took the first spot at the final of the Gold Cup 2022. 


Match Progression: 0 - 3 | 4 - 3 | 6 - 4 | 7 - 5 | 7 - 6

Top scorer: Bautista Bayugar, 4 goals


The next spot for the chance at the most coveted trophy of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series was decided in a match between UAE Polo and Abu Dhabi Polo teams. The first chukker had seen the teams tied at 2 goals and UAE Polo team took the lead by the end of the second. The team displayed enviable polo skills from the young Lucas Monteverde Jr. and his teammates - Tommy Beresford and Jacinto Crotto - and placed the team in a comfortable spot by halftime. Abu Dhabi Polo made fought for its place in the game during the penultimate chukker with Jeronimo del Carill levelling at 7 goals only to be shattered by Tommy's last-second goal. The game picked up the heat in the last chukker as Jero tied the game at 8 goals but the UAE Polo team quickly turned things around and took off with back to back goals and claimed victory with 3 goal lead over Abu Dhabi Polo.


Match Progression: 2 - 2 | 4 - 3 | 7 - 4 | 8 - 7 | 11 - 8

Top scorer: Tommy Beresford, 6 goals


The rivalry between Habtoor Polo and UAE Polo teams extends to the Gold Cup 2022 Dubai Open as they will go head to head on the 5th of March in Al Habtoor Polo Club. 



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