Your browser does not support JavaScript! Habtoor Polo Cinches the Dubai Cup 2022

Habtoor Polo Cinches the Dubai Cup 2022


The last tournament of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series served exciting polo action on the grounds of Al Habtoor Polo Club.

Qualifying Matches:

5 April
Hesketh Polo vs. El Basha Polo: 5 - 4
Habtoor Polo vs. Abu Dhabi Polo: 7 - 6
7 April
Abu Dhabi Polo vs. Hesketh: 9 - 7
Habtoor vs. El Basha: 7 - 4
The Subsidiary Final of the tournament featured El Basha and Hesketh polo teams, and the first chukker ended on equal footing. El Basha owned the next chukker and carved a 3-goal advantage by halftime. Hesketh managed to tie the scores at 5 goals close to the end of the fourth chukker. Federico Potobsky crushed the need for overtime with a penalty shot and he won the game for Hesketh Polo at 6 goals to 5.
The exciting finale of the Dubai Cup was a game between Habtoor Polo and Abu Dhabi Polo. Justo Cuitino ended the first chukker with a 2 goal lead for Habtoor Polo and he kept it until halftime. The penultimate chukker opened with a goal from Faris Yabhouni, patron of the Abu Dhabi team, but the opponent was quick to return it with a goal. The exchange of goals continued until the final minutes of the third. Habtoor Polo went ahead with back to back goals early during the fourth chukker which Abu Dhabi Polo failed to match and the game ended at 8 goals to 4 in favour of Habtoor Polo.
Osama Esmat, Front Office Director of Al Habtoor Polo Resort hotel awarded the teams of the day. Justo Cuitino is the Most Valuable Player and Socia, the horse he has ridden during the second and the third chukker, is the Best Playing Pony.
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