UAE Polo Emerges as the Champions of the IFZA Gold Cup 2023 Dubai Open


In the IFZA Gold Cup 2023, the tournament's climax showcased the best polo teams of the season in a thrilling competition for the highly sought-after Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series trophy. The occasion was brimming with sportsmanship, live entertainment, elegance, amusement, and enticing rewards and presents for its audience and spectators.

The Bentley Subsidiary Final of the IFZA Gold Cup 2023 started with a fiery match between Ghantoot Polo and Dubai Wolves by CAFU, with Carlos Ulloa scoring the opening goal and Pablo Llorente Jr. quickly tying the match in the first chukker. The Patron of the Wolves, Habtoor Al Habtoor scored a great goal with Ulloa’s last second goal at the end, leading the team with two goals advantage towards the second. The Wolves had taken complete possession during the third, as the black shirted players of Dubai Wolves carved a 3 goal lead. In the final chukker, it was Teodoro Lacau from the Dubai Wolves who brought the score to a double digit, and with Ulloa ending the game at 11 goals to 8, that sealed the win for the Dubai Wolves by CAFU.

Match Progression:
1 – 1 | 3 – 1 | 6 – 3 | 8 – 5 | 11 – 8

Top Scorer: Marcos Araya and Carlos Ulloa – 5 goals

The final match of the Dubai Open 2023 was eagerly awaited, as it featured two of the strongest contenders of the IFZA Gold Cup 2023 tournament - the UAE Polo and IFZA Habtoor Polo teams.

Tommy Beresford nicked the first goal of the match for UAE Polo. Shortly after, Juan Jauretche and Bautista Bayugar scored one goal each for IFZA Habtoor Polo. The second chukker, opened with two back to back goals from Bayugar and two from Tommy Beresford, as the teams tied through the end of the second, with 4 goals to all. The next two chukkers were a quick exchange of goals, but UAE wrestled their way through and took the lead with one goal at the end of the penultimate chukker. With seven minutes remaining in the match, UAE Polo had their work cut out for them, as Lucas Monteverde Jr. and Tommy Beresford managed to create a three-goal cushion in the middle of the chukker. Bayugar managed to score a goal for IFZA Habtoor Polo, but in the end, it was Lucas Monteverde Jr. who scored the decisive goal, securing the ultimate win for UAE Polo as the two-time champions of the IFZA Gold Cup 2023.

Match Progression:
1 – 2 | 4 - 4 | 5 – 6 | 7 – 6 | 10 - 7

Top Scorer: Tommy Beresford and Bautista Bayugar – 6 goals

Mr. Martin G. Pederson, Chairman of IFZA, awarded the teams at the IFZA Gold Cup 2023 Final. Tommy Beresford as the Most Valuable Player. Nova, a polo pony ridden by Lucas Monteverde Jr., as the Best Playing Pony and Open Pollera Best Playing Pont Argentine Polo Breeding.

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