Habtoor Polo and MOR-Ralph Stars seized the spotlight at the Polo Masters Cup 2024



The subsidiary final of the Polo Masters Cup 2024 commenced with an electrifying showdown between PBS Polo and MOR-Ralph Stars. Right from the outset, the match was marked by an intense display of defensive prowess. Tommy Iarte demonstrated exceptional goal-scoring consistency for MOR-Ralph Stars, while PBS Polo showcased robust defensive tactics under the leadership of Tomas Palacios. Despite PBS Polo's tenacious defensive performance, MOR-Ralph Stars' exceptional teamwork ultimately triumphed, securing victory in the subsidiary final of the Polo Masters Cup 2024.


Match Progression: PBS Polo vs. MOR-Ralph Stars
1 – 1.5 | 2 – 2.5 | 4 – 5.5 | 7 – 7.5  


The final match unfolded as Habtoor Polo faced off against Wolves-R Polo, infusing the field with an electric atmosphere. From the very outset, both teams exhibited unwavering determination to score while maintaining steadfast defensive structures. Despite formidable defense from both sides, it was Habtoor Polo who struck first, securing the initial goal of the match. Santos Iarte of Habtoor Polo showcased exceptional defensive strategies and goal-scoring prowess, supported by his teammate Mohammed Al Habtoor. Conversely, Wolves-R Polo demonstrated remarkable skill, consistently striving to find the net while maintaining a resilient defense. As the match progressed, tension mounted, culminating in a hard-fought victory clinched by Habtoor Polo.


Match Progression: Habtoor Polo vs. Wolves-R Polo
1 – .5 | 2 – 2.5 | 4 – 3.5 | 5 – 4.5

Mr. Osama Esmat, Director of Front Office at Al Habtoor Polo Resort honored and presented the awards to the teams of the day; Santos Iarte was the Most Valuable Player, Pura ridden by Nicolas Petracchi as the Best Playing Pony.


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